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Launch a Cutting Edge MarketPlace site
Social MarketPlace gives you the tools you need to create your own online marketplace. It takes full advantage of WooCommerce and WC Vendors, and adds all the missing elements that make a truly amazing MarketPlace.
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Allow members to set up their own shop, with WC Vendors Integration
Your members will love the ability to set up and configure their own store. They can customize their shop and brand it their way. With customizable cover photo, store logo, social media links and description, the amount of control and easy configuration will blow their mind.
Allow your members to apply to become Vendors...You have complete control
You probably don't want every member to start selling products without your approval.
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With the customizable sign up form, you can allow members to send an application for your approval. They can enter general store information, payment information and Social Media links, for your review.
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